FIAN - Jharkhand


FIAN in Jharkhand has been formed after a convenor Mr. Bulu Imam gave his report in March, 2011 visit to FIAN Germany. After that Bina stanis suggested that here is Jharkhand itself need to initiate group to take up the issue of right to food, which is pressing and much discussed need. The common problems of the area, such as displacement, migration, destruction of natural resources, control of water, social security, basic wages, nutrition,  state oppression of Dalits and Tribals etc. It was also agreed by this group that this group be instrumental and advocating for the right to food. 

Activity Reports:- 


 •A Dialogue meeting on People's Access to Natural Resources

 •In contrast to land grab

 •Work shop on right to food

 •Minutes of meeting in Jharkhand