FIAN- Odisha


FIAN In Odisha is recently established and mainly worked aware of the inhabitants of POSCO about the right to food and same apply on communities. FIAN in odisha struggling on Non –implementation of environment policy threatens the right to food to number of families in POSCO areas. Inhabitants of this areas are mostly depends on agriculture, fishing and Bittle-Veining which is their prime livelihood concern. After MOU signed by odisha state government with South Korean company Posco in 2005 the livelihood and living condition of people of this areas became very worst. Many Dalit women attacked by police for land acquisition, five persons died there due to 8 years long struggle against POSCO. Government is violating many Human rights aspects like right to life and right to livelihood there but SHRC not intervening properly it needs a special campaign on this and make a pressure on NHRC and SHRC to give proper justice to them. Most of community are Dalit, OBC and general people. 


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