FIAN- Tamilnadu


FIAN in Tamilnadu formed in 1989.  It functioned as an unregistered organization till 1991.  It  got  legal  status  in  2000  by  Registering   FIAN in Tamilnadu,  under  the  provisions of  Tamil Nadu  societies  Registration  Act  1987. FIAN in Tamil Nadu is the first recognized National Section in Asia and particularly from India. It has a democratic Institution, having its roots from the primary members living who forms Local Groups. FIAN in Tamil Nadu never involve directly into actual violations and violative situations. We are working as “Catalyst“ and capacitate the victim communities  by  educating  and  empowering  local  leadership  among  the  victims. There by FIAN Tamil Nadu through its programmes and activities is improving the bargaining capacity of the victim communities to attain the right to food. FIAN in Tamil Nadu  is  perceiving  to  indentify  Risk  management  by means of  working  through  local  leaders  and community  based  contact  persons. It has 30 years of  long standing  work  among  the vulnerable Communities is  well-knitted  Network  of  organizations  and  individual  activists. FIAN in Tamilnadu has formed the palm board but the functional capacities of board are not enough to deal the issues related to palm workers. During his deliberation he raised the issues related to their land rights, minimum wages, market access etc. He also pointed out that marketing of palm juice because of its transformation into a toxic drink, after a specified time period from its collection is prohibited under the law, several palm workers have been implicated under the law


Activity Reports:- 


•   Case description of Palm workers