FIAN-Uttar Pradesh


FIAN in Uttar Pradesh completed its struggle of 10 years to facilitate realization of right to food in India in general and in the state of Uttar Pradesh in particular in 2004. The Chapter was developed by a group of sensitive, concerned and professionally equipped individuals burning with zeal to play a synergetic and proactive role for the strengthening activating and supporting the struggle of the victims of hunger, poorest of the poor, deprived/ displaced, vulnerable, marginalized, unorganised and voiceless cohorts of our society collected together. They started from a seed group of FIAN U.P. to coordination and then section and committed themselves to work for the issues related with these people their pain, misery, and suffering and neglectful, stone walled, insensitively degrading responses of the people accountable for ensuring fundamental Human Rights of Food to these people as well.


Activity Reports:- 


•   Community meeting of Laxmanpur Dam 

•   Right to Food and Nutritin Watch2014 Released Lucknow in India 

•   Public release of right to food and nutrition watch 2013 

•   FIAN UP delegation met with president of state women commission of  Uttar Pradesh and handed over the demand letter              regarding the problem of ‘chikan-kari’ workers.

•   Cases updation

•   Right job of visually challenged person, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India