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Training and Capacity Building


Acknowledging the urgency and necessity of generating Human Rights awareness among the vulnerable and their support groups, different chapters of FIAN India organize Human Rights training and Education programmers. The main target group of these programs is the activists of different social organizations who could disseminate the knowledge further at grassroots. Besides organizing training programs for social activists, seminars and workshops for Human Rights Training and Education are regularly organized for policy makers and representatives of judiciary for sensitization.


Chapters of FIAN India have developed effective training manuals for this purpose also in regional languages. During year 2005, two national level Trainers Training workshops were organized by FIAN Tamil Nadu in collaboration with FIAN International. The aim of these workshops was to develop the skills of the social activists to deal with cases of violations of right to food in their everyday work. 


Visit home pages of Different FIAN Chapters to find their involvement in Human Rights Training and Education.